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The rules

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The rules

Post by Kalie Cormack on Fri Apr 09, 2010 10:07 am

Follow these rules and everything will run along smoothly.

* Respect your Admin and Mods. We are here to help you have the most fun you possibly can. Insulting us will only make us not like you - you dont want that now do you?

* Some swearing is allowed, but please keep it in moderation. Having to read swear words every second word really just makes our eyes hurt.

* Any posts which are not using proper grammar and spelling will be deleted immediately. There is no excuse to use text style language. eg. c u l8er. If your concerned your post may not be up to scratch use a spell checker on it. Or add an OCC note at the beginning saying you weren't typing at your best when writing the post.

* Double posting is forbidden. All double posts will be deleted immediately. Simple as that.

* God-modding is also forbidden. Posts displaying this will also be deleted immediately. However if a person gives you their permission to control their character feel free to god mod just be sure to put a OOC note at the end of your post saying that you had permission.

* Please be realistic when posting. Your charrie cannot jump out of a 10 story building and survive. If however you happened to land on a conveniently placed pile of mattresses cause some kids in the clan were making a pillow fort, well that's fine. Razz Just dont be super human or anything please.

* If you are having issues with another member please pm myself or a mod and we will try our best to rectify the situation. Any posting of fighting and insults between you and the person you are having issues with on the boards will result in both of you been temporarily banned until i and the mods see fit to allow you to rejoin.

* You are not allowed to join an rp until your character application has been approved. You are however allowed to post in talk lounge and the chatbox.

* You may not request a person for a face claim who is already claimed by someone else. It's just silly and we will most likely laugh and ignore your request. Please read the list of who's taken before you ask for someone.

* All rp posts must be at least 4 lines long. We go for quality and quantity here. Any one or two word posts will be deleted and a continued disregard of this rule will lead a serious Admin to user talk which may end with a yell from the ban hammer.

* You are allowed at the most 5 active accounts on this site. Your are allowed only one character per account and you must be active with all your charries please. It is extremely frustrating when you have to wait a few weeks for a person you're rping with to bother to reply.

* If you do not post with your charrie for 3 months then that account will be deleted. Monthly attendance checks shall be run as well, just so we can keep track of whether you're still alive or not. Smile

* If you are still confused or have any questions please post in the Q&A thread on the newbie life line board, not on the rp boards.

* Out of courtesy to help make the staff's job easier, when a thread you have opened has come to a close plotwise, please edit the tittle of your thread so that it contains ((closed)) written after the original tittle.

* For the sake of keeping the main plot running, the first character you create must join one of the 4 central clans. All the others you create can join/start any clans they wish, but the first must join one of the central 4.

* And last one, please put your character's full name as your username. It just makes remembering who's who easier.

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