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Kalie Cormack

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Kalie Cormack

Post by Kalie Cormack on Tue Apr 13, 2010 7:33 am

Who's controlling the character: Rachel

Character number: 1

Name: Kalie Cormack

Nickname: KC, or Kasey. Which ever, they sound the same anyways Razz

Sex: Female

Age: 18

Allegiance: Ozarin (leader)

Face claim: Summer Glau

History: Like nearly every other person on the planet that had a TV at the time, KC watched the machine being turned on. Over the years leading up to that day, global warming had really taken off. The worse case scenario was taking place. Scientists rushed to find a way to stop our impending doom, and they came up with the machine. It worked, clearing the sky of clouds, purifying the air, lowering the sea level back to normal. But 3 hours after it was turned on the machine malfunctioned, sending out a massive electrical shock wave that swept right around the globe. The wave melted anything electrical in it's path. It also melted the brain of every human over the age of 20. In one fell swoop majority of Earth's population had been killed, and most that were left could not look after themselves.

KC had watched as her entire family fell dead around her. Her mum, dad, older brother and sister. All gone. That was when everything had gone quiet. Growing up in the city as she had, true, pure silence was something utterly foreign to her. It was deafening. KC had run outside only to see fires breaking out, bodies littering the street, utter chaos.

Numbly she had wandered the deserted streets, looking for any sign of human life. Ultimately she had found her way to the mall. It was here that she had meet up with the other founding members of the Ozarin clan. This band of teens looked after the little ones who had been abandoned in the day care centers, fortifying the mall entrances against the new threats the assailed them, first among which had been the dogs.

It was only 2 days after the machine that the first dog attack had happened. One of the smaller kids was killed. KC had been fixing up some sandwiches for the other kids when the attack happened. She ran to see if she could help, knife still in hand. She was too late to save the first kid, but as the dog lunged for another, KC jumped in and killed it. The natural respect the clan gained towards KC was one of the main factors that lead to her assent to leader.

Appearance: KC has long brown hair with natural highlights. This is complemented by her golden brown eyes, set off by her striking facial structure. As for her body, the years of dance classes when she was younger have molded her into a typical dancers shape. Strong, tall, graceful. Musicians hands and a belly button piercing complete the picture.

Personality: KC was a normal teen before the machine, happy most of the time, not socially awkward, big circle of friends, kind, caring, brave, loyal. She kept all of these traits in the aftermath of the machine, but added a few more to her arsenal. She has a strong natural sense of leadership, easily sorting between options to make the best choice for all. Her quirky sense of humor never fails to make people laugh, and her strong intellect leads her to ideas many others would not consider, for indeed it was her that suggested converting the central circle of the mall into a mini farm in preparation for when the food runs out.

Skills:Quick witted and smarter than the average teen, KC has a natural knack for planning ahead.

Any other info you want to add:

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Kalie Cormack
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Character info
Nickname: KC
Clan: Ozarin
Position: Leader

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