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Info on the clans

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Info on the clans

Post by Kalie Cormack on Fri Apr 09, 2010 3:47 pm

Right, lets just get this clear to start with shall we? This city where this rp is set is not real. It is completely made up. Fictitious. Imaginary. Fake. If you ask me which city to rp is set in i will cyber slap you.

Seriousness aside, lets get to the interesting stuff. Very Happy

There are 4 main clans in the plot of this rp. However i would love for you guys to form your own clans. The more clans there are, the more plot opportunities. But for the sake of keeping the main plot alive, the first character you create must join one of the 4 main clans. Any charries after that are free to join which ever clans they want, or form their own. But yes, onto the central clans.

Clan name: Chadwick
Clan leader: Yet to be chosen, you can submit your application in the profiles board.
Location: On the east side of town.
Signature: A gray strip of cloth is sown onto shirts around the upper right arm.
Description: The Chadwick clan is named so to honor the name of the people who's homes now shelter them. Before the machine was turned on, this street of tightly packed buildings and stores was home to an awful lot of people with the last name Chadwick. As a result quite a few of the kids in the clan have the last name Chadwick. They refer to themselves as Chadwickiens. This clan is quite a powerhouse. Not only do the many apartments along the street have quite a few still to be raided pantries, but there is also a stream running along behind the street supplying everyone with fresh water, meaning this clan is pretty self sufficient and dont have to go raid other clans for food or water. The clan's territory spreads for the length of the street, and occupies the houses on both sides. They value the old traditions of kindness for all and honesty, but be warned, the tight streets are the perfect place for an ambush, a fact the young warrior force of the Chadwickiens like to exploit during the near constant raids on their land for food.

Clan name: Ozarin
Clan Leader: Kalie Cormack. Known as KC.
Location: To the central/west of town.
Signature: Leather jackets with ~this~ symbol painted onto the backs.
Description: The largest shopping mall in the city has been claimed by the Ozarin. The building is absolutely huge and shaped like a doughnut. 8 levels of shops, plus a basement can be found in the building. The only access points being at 5 different doors, 4 of which have been barricaded to stop unwanted outsiders from entering. The central inner circle of the doughnut has been skillfully transformed into a small agricultural farm, growing assorted crops and vegetables the Ozarin need. The pond containing a 100 or so large carp not only supplies fresh water, but also the occasional meat meal. The Ozarin not arrogant or naive, They know they have enough food to last them for a couple of years at the least, but they do not wish to have to many people join their clan. As such almost every clan member can wield some form of weapon, regular patrols of the mall are run, and the only entry to the mall is kept guarded at all times. These guys protect their own and view all outsiders with suspicion, and sometimes hate. It is also worth noting that the Ozarin tend to only use the area closest to the one remaining exit from the mall, simply because it takes quite some time to walk from one end of the mall to the other.

Clan name: Kriegers
Clan leader: Yet to be chosen, you can submit your application in the profiles board.
Location: To the north.
Signature: ~this~ mark tattooed onto their brow.
Description: The cities university. Like with the Ozarin, the Kriegers have converted the expanse of lawn seen in the photo into farming land, but what's more, they have also converted several of the smaller courtyards into enclosures for animals like stray sheep, but mostly wild dogs. The Kriegers are a warrior clan, krieger actually meaning warrior in German. They have everything they need to be self sufficient, but they want more. These guys have trained several packs of dogs to do their bidding. With the animals at their side, their unmatched skill in combat, and their lust for control over the entire city, the Kriegers are feared by all. This clan is bad news. It's goal is total domination over the city, and they'll do anything to get it. Getting mixed by with these guys is bad news. But if you like danger and power then this is the clan for you.

Clan name: Casa de campo
Clan leader: Yet to be chosen, you can submit your application in the profiles board.
Location: The south.
Signature: All black clothes and dyed black hair.
Description: Located near the old airport, this part of town was filled with tourists and immigrants, hence there were hotels. The casa de campos (cdc's for short) live in one of the more luxurious hotels on their side of town. Like the other clans, fresh water is readily available, in this case from the lake behind the hotel. Food however is another issue. The food at the hotel rotted quickly due to the power failing and most of the foodstuffs being perishable. Now the cdc's live mainly off what fish they catch from the lake, and any other things they steal from other clans. This clan are known for their stealth abilities. They are the only clan that have managed to steal from the Chadwickiens without getting caught. They can be violent to get what they need to survive, but mostly they prefer to work in the shadows. Unlike the Kriegers, the cdc's are not purposefully violent. They have the skills to be, but chose not to. Many other clans think of the cdc's as the more noble of south and north. Life is dangerous in this clan, but worth it. clan members here are very closely bonded, they defend each other to the death. They readily accept newcomers, but expect you to pull your weight.

And that's all the info on the central clans. If you have questions, or suggestion, please post them up below. And just to reiterate. Your first character must join one of these 4 clans. So yep, chose your poison, go and apply, then lets have some fun Very Happy

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