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The profile template

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The profile template

Post by Kalie Cormack on Sat Apr 10, 2010 9:24 am

Please use this template when applying for a character. There aren't that many questions to fill out, so please do go overboard in the detail department. The more we know about the character the better. It makes it easier for us to rp with you.

Who's controlling the character: What you want to be called. This just helps everyone keep track of who's rping as who. It is especially important if you have more than one charrie.

Character number: 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.

Name: The real name of your character

Nickname: The name everyone calls your character. These days practically nobody uses the name they were given before the machine. Everyone is known simply by their nickname.

Sex: Male or female, pretty simple... or is it? Suspect

Age: The absolute oldest you can be is 20 and 6 months. Any older and your charrie would of been killed by the machine.

Allegiance: Which clan you would like to join (Write outcast if you're unsure or want to stay solo). This doesn't automatically mean you get in, but it is nice to know where you are likely to be headed Smile If you're thinking of starting a new clan then put the name of your new clan here. You can only start/join a clan that is not one of the central 4 if this is your 2nd or more character. Your first charrie must join one of the central 4.

Face claim: You must chose a real life human being as your face claim. eg Meghan Fox. Along with telling us who you'd like in this post, you must also reserve your face claim in the face claim board ~here~

History: 3 paragraphs minimum. Details are good!

Appearance: Again details please. I want to know your hair style, your eye color, your build. etc. If you only write 2 sentences i will be most displeased Evil or Very Mad

Personality: In depth. Don't just say they're a very happy person.

Skills: What can your charrie do? What are they good at? Do they enjoy looking after the little kids in the clan? Are they a brilliant fighter? Please make this section realistic. It will determine which role you are likely to get in your clan and how rp plots involving you are likely to evolve.

Any other info you want to add:

Rp sample: Please write an example of your average post here.

Codeword(s): If you dont know what these are you shouldn't be applying yet.
Kalie Cormack
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