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Other little bits of info

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Other little bits of info

Post by Kalie Cormack on Sat Apr 10, 2010 9:46 am

It is worth noting that the threats the peoples of the city are exposed to are not limited to just the other clans. The suburban communities were very fond of their pets, as were most families before the machine. However after the adults all died, the pets were left to starve at their homes. Many died, but many didn't. Now most have turned feral. The dogs are the worst. They have formed huge packs and roam through the city, dogging the steps of all the clans, just waiting for their next meal, whether they get it by raiding the food stores of a clan, or by attacking a lone outcast or wandering clan member, the dogs really aren't all that fussed. They just want their next meal and will do anything to get it. Many clans have learned to tolerate the dogs, after all they are a valued food source for the clans and easy to find.

All clans have a Signature, the Kriegers for instance all get a tattoo on their brow. Most clans aren't that drastic though. The Chadwickiens simply sow a strip of gray cloth around their shirt sleeves. If you create a new clan you must give it a signature.

This rp is based more on the relationships between people and how they each struggle to come to terms with their new life. It s not meant to be a war rp between the clans. As such it is expected that some degree of rp skill is employed in every post, and that each of your posts flow on. ie. they have continuity. If your charrie is sick in one post, they cannot be healed in the next.

I'll probably add other bits of info to this thread as the site progresses. This is just meant to let you all get a better understanding of the city and dynamics of the site.

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